5 Important Steps No Beginner Freelancer Should Ever Forget

Do what you love and be free of the corporate trap.

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Freelance can be a dream or an absolute nightmare, it all depends on how you handle it!

Number 1: All Business Needs Branding

Brand gives your clients a vibe of who you are.

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Number 2: How to Present Yourself and Your Work

From portfolios to testimonials, how you present impacts everything that happens after.

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Prices are about your skillset, education, and income needs.

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“Your education cost you money, charge accordingly.”

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“You are not responsible for their inability to manage their time.”

Number 4: Finding Clients & Word of Mouth!

People hire people they trust.

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Number 5: Keeping Track of Clients, Scheduling, Invoices, & Terms and Conditions!

Forgetting a client, not following a healthy schedule, not getting paid, and loop holes in a non-contract project are dangerous pitfalls for any freelancer.

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Keeping Track of Clients

Example of Monday . com from JotForm

Scheduling Yourself Like A Pro

Burnout is real. Listen to me, read it again. Burnout is real.

Setting Up Invoices and Terms & Conditions

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Do not skip this step! You deserve to get paid!

Okay, so let’s recap:

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Former HuffPost writer, Professional Author & Graphic Designer, BA in English & Graphic Design.

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